Tammy Smith Lawless grew up in a small Louisiana community tucked behind dividing tracks and white billows of smoke from the local paper mill. Family bonds were strong and the close proximity allowed for colorful relationships. As dusk fell onto summer evenings, fireflies danced and children ran with open jars trying to capture the light.
Capturing the light is the foundation for Tammy's work. Her work calls forth the playful and complex by examining the effects of light on an object and translating that information into a world of fantasy dominated by saturated colors and organic shapes. The image is released from the constraints of traditional recognition and perceptions opening windows for new narratives and understanding. In her work, there is a constant movement from the awareness of the object to the unlimited possibilities within the intangible.
Tammy obtained both her BFA (2016) and her MA/MFA (2021) from the University of Texas at Texas while simultaneously working as a registered nurse.